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serious bookings only <3

Nikki Lipstick has almost a decade in the professional beauty industry. She started her career working for MAC as a Makeup Artist and then continued her career as a MUA. Becoming a Hair artsit/stylist followed, she became a Professional Redken stylist, and is now a sponsered stylist/artist for Pravana Vivids. She has done makeup and hair for photoshoots, runway, and film as well...SHE WITH CO OWNER GITSIE WOOD OF RUDEMAKEUP.TUMBLR.COM <333

this is some of her art... tips and tricks <3

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Model: Lea Vendetta Photo: Andy Hartmark MU: Morgan Panter Hair: Nikki Lipstick

Model: Lea Vendetta 
Photo: Andy Hartmark 
MU: Morgan Panter 
Hair: Nikki Lipstick

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